Why is the download of the patterns for free?
We want to make good design available for everyone. Of course we are more than happy to get a donation in order to maintain foldschool.

Does foldschool offer designs for adults?
Currently folschool does not offer furniture for adults.

Can I buy an already completed piece of furniture?
No. The process of crafting your own piece of furniture is fundamental to the attitude of foldschool. We are considering to offer certain designs as a semi-finished product (perforated, creased but not assembled). Subscribe to the newsletter.

Why is the furniture by foldschool made out of cardboard?
Cardboard is easy to find and easy to handle. Your kids can live out their creativity in painting on the cardboard. They will have their very personal piece of furniture. Once your kids have outgrown you can dispose of cardboard with a clear conscience.

Is the furniture by foldschool stable?
The folding of the cardboard makes it very solid. It can easily carry the weight of an adult.

Where can I get 4 mm single layered cardboard?
In some countries you can find appropriate cardboard in the waste paper. Make sure you have a sufficient surface area of equal thickness. If you want to buy sheets of cardboard you should look for companies working in the packaging industry.

I have exceeded the indicated time need. Why?
The indicated time to process a design is based on a manually skilled person. Make sure to get familiar to the crafting concept of foldschool by starting with the sample in the "How to" section. You will be much faster completing your second design.

I sent a picture and it has not been published. Why?
We have to make a selection on the basis of the qualitiy/diversity of the sent pictures.

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