What's the structural direction of cardboard?
The corrugated structure causes parallel lines on the surface of the cardboard. The direction of these lines corresponds to the structural direction of cardboard.

What kind of glue do I have to use?
You can use any standard adhesive for paper and cardboard.

What's the suggested width of the masking tape?
Foldschool recommends masking tape with a width of around 20 mm.

What's the suggested size of the cutting mat?
The cutting mat should not be a lot smaller than 30 x 45 cm.

The letters on the pattern do not precisely match. Why?
This is due to your printer's inaccuracy. Smaller mismatches do not affect the result of your design.

What's a folding tool?
A folding tool looks similar to a letter opener. Its round head is pushed into the cardboard in order to prepare a fold. Straight folds are preferably made with the edge of a ruler. You will need a folding tool for the round folds of the rocker only.

Why are there two different pdf-files for every design?
Most people use printers that can handle paper up to the size of DIN A4 / US letter. Large format printers can process bigger papersize as DIN A3 / Tabloid. Using the pdf-files that distribute the patterns on DIN A3 / Tabloid will save some time.

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